While there seemed to be some obvious continuity / progression in the past few chapters, Chapter 11 returns to a “1 Chronicles” listing style similar to Chapter 7.  But something interesting stood out…

Chapters Thus Far:

1 – Nehemiah broken when learns of state of Jerusalem; because he loves God and hurts to see the state of His people and desires to see His promise fulfilled.

2: 1-10 – Nehemiah desires to bring God glory so much he abandons his Persian palace and heads out to do work in Jerusalem.

2:11-20 – We learn of the calling to Go and Rebuild.

3 – The Gates parallel the Christian life.  Ah-Mazing stuff…

4 – External Opposition : way in which the devil attacks

5:1-6 – Responding to Anger Part 1 – wrong doing is inevitable; think before you speak.

6 -Proper handling of opposition of comes with a attributes I do not have!

7 – When God takes roll of His people, which tribe will you be associated with?

8 – Restoration begins with God’s Word

9 – Restoration leads to purification

10 – Purification leads to Obedience

With momentum in re-establishing Jerusalem they now need to get people to commit to living there.

1 Now the leaders of the people settled in Jerusalem. The rest of the people cast lots to bring one out of every ten of them to live in Jerusalem, the holy city, while the remaining nine were to stay in their own towns. The people commended all who volunteered to live in Jerusalem.

Easy enough.  When in doubt (70 times in the OT and 7 in the NT), cast lots!  I don’t follow how being cast is the same as volunteering, but ?  Super solid to read the leaders paved the way.  #trueleadership

From there the chapter progresses in sections, listing provincial leaders in roles:

  • Descendants of Judah
  • Descendants of Benjamin
  • Priests
  • Levites
  • Gatekeepers

From there, we find out where other people live, about who they are and what’s up with the villages and fields.

All in all a super boring chapter; but don’t miss that boring-ness!

In the Exalting Jesus in Ezra / Nehemiah (the book I referenced in the start of this blog series), Hamilton writes on page 201:

Dr. James Hamilton Jr.
Dr. James Hamilton Jr.
Often you hear ‘the church should be like the energy in a football game!’ No!!  It’s always kinda been insignificant and unexciting…

It’s fairly easy to get ‘wrapped up’ in 3 years of Jesus amazing ministry and miracle, to focus on the break-through visionaries like Martin Luther and John Calvin or main-stream philosopher “rock stars” like CS Lewis or Dallas Willard or Ravi Zacharias; but if we pause and look back historically, the vast majority of the church as we see it is incredibly boring.  I mean, I have certainly heard that “the Christian life is the most exciting life” and while I understand how exciting it is and/or, at least, can be, as I sit here right now, even, typing, with my kids watching PBS, eating Pop Tarts, I don’t pretend anything about this ‘so very exciting’ at all.  It’s not.  It’s rather, quite boring.

You know what it also is though?  So very good.  I’ve got a wonderful family, the ability to type on a computer, technology overwhelming us, the sweet smell of Folgers in my cup, and the gently echo of an 18 month old learning to talk.  When I wrap this blog up I’m going to go draw slugs with my oldest son and daughter and they are going to spend hours coloring them in.

Like Chapter 11 and the people now inhabiting a new life in Jerusalem, it’s rather quite boring.  But it’s also so very very good. I don’t want to pretend anything different about the former, am so thankful for the latter, and grateful to God for both.


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