Christ is Risen!  Wait, wait Christ is risen?  Seriously?  Back from the dead?  Makes no sense.  I mean in the literal sense.  Was dead. Now is alive.  If true, it marks the greatest story ever told.

And that’s precisely the point.

resurrection photo


It IS the greatest story ever told.  It IS unbelievable.  People who lived during the time, people who know Jesus, didn’t even believe it and, yet, today, 2,000 years later, so much lost in antiquity, for an event that happened on the other side of the world, I’m to believe it?

“Yes, my son, yes you are.”  Because it changed everything.  Because it changes everything. Because it changes you.  You are not alone in your belief, but more simply you are not alone.  He is risen from the dead.  You can rise, today, in new life, too.

Ask yourself today what you want to rise from.  For me, it’s pride.  It’s eaten me alive and kept me from so much, from experiencing new life time and time again.  It blocks my ability to love.  But it’s death.  It’s a wasting away, a metaphorical grave.  Today, though, I am reminded of a real resurrection.  Today, I am reminded of life and, more specifically, how beautiful life can be when it’s true resurrection form is experienced.

Humility as come!  Wait, wait, humility as come?  Seriously?  From where?  If it’s come at all of this guy I can tell you right away the source of it: from Jesus.

He is risen and the day I accepted that, the moment I began to believe it, I was, too.

Glory be to God forever and ever.


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Logan Ramirez

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