Been reading Matthew chapters 5 – 7 lately.  According to Matthew, this is the first of five really big sermons Jesus gives.  WARNING – they are all a doozy.

I’ll get into the text itself here, eventually, but one observation I have is this: so much of this is new to me.  I know I’ve read it before, but I’m reading it now and have several initial repeating thoughts, which I’ll now list in no particular order:

  • What the hell does that mean?
  • Woah, that’s solid.
  • I don’t understand ‘blessing’ at all.
  • I have no practical experience with ‘law’ as Jesus talks about it.
  • I wish I had a really good strong Jewish friend.
  • Jesus sets one heck of a bar.
  • I should pray more
  • I should fast more.  I should fast.
  • What the hell does that mean?
  • I wonder what new believers think about this sermon, assuming they start reading at Matthew
  • I am such a messy Christian


This is a good read though.

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